Self-Service is Essential, Not Optional

Self-service. It is no longer a suggestion for businesses if they want to succeed in this digital age. Today, self-service has transformed from a “nice to have” option to a preferred way of doing business as more and more consumers expect digital tools from those they engage with.

Thanks to smart phones and smart technology, businesses have the tools to meet new customer expectations: Key word – convenience. At Comcast, this means making sure our customers can interact with us how they want, whenever they want and on the platform they prefer to use.

One example of how we are addressing this need is Xfinity My Account, which allows customers to control all aspects of their account from their mobile device, desktop or even on their televisions via Xfinity X1 or Xfinity Flex. My Account puts the customer’s account at their fingertips, whether at home or on the go. Millions of customers are using the app to easily view and manage their account information, check on the status of equipment in their home, pay their bill, view and/or cancel upcoming service appointments or schedule time for a representative to call them back and more.

Customers can use the TechETA feature in My Account to see exactly when their technician is “en route” and “arriving” for a scheduled appointment. Customers can also view a photo of their technician, so they know exactly who to expect at the door.
Another digital option available in My Account, as well as via Facebook Messenger, is the Xfinity Assistant, which is a virtual assistant that helps provides customers with quick and easy solutions based on their questions. In 2019, the Xfinity Assistant reached 5.3 million customers.
In fact, all our apps – My Account, Xfinity xFi, Xfinity Mobile, Xfinity Stream and Xfinity Home – include self-service troubleshooting tools to help make it easier for customers to identify and resolve potential problems.

Additionally, we’ve incorporated self-service through our Xfinity voice remote. Customers can say “troubleshoot” or “help” into the voice remote, which will automatically direct them to troubleshooting solutions to fix common issues. Customers can also access help videos – available in English and Spanish – on how to use certain features of their Xfinity products.
We also work hard to get ahead of any issues that may arise. We’ve built unique network monitoring tools that can detect when something is not right long before a customer would ever notice a problem. Because our X1 platform is a cloud-based, software updates are quick and easy. We’re constantly testing new techniques and features like these to address and resolve customer needs’ faster.

Last but not least, social media, as all 21st century businesses know, has become an essential digital option most consumers look to for help. Our Digital Care Team, which has grown nine times in size since 2015, assists customers online across social platforms 24×7. In the first three quarters of 2019 alone, the team handled more than 8.2M interactions.
Self-service is not intended to eclipse traditional forms of customer care. We are always here as our customers need to call us and are also available through live chat or in-person. That’s why we’re opening new Xfinity Stores in convenient retail locations across the country, including 16 in New Jersey alone. These initiatives, together with giving customers this choice and control through self-service options, are important steps in Comcast’s commitment to improving the customer experience.

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